Welcome To Carols Day Nursery


Good rating from Ofsted 2018


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Welcome to the Carols Day Nursery, based in the Woking area, we are offering a day care nursery for pre school children from 3 month's to 8 years old children.

Please view our Ofsted Report Click Here 

We offer a unique family atmosphere where your child will grow in knowledge and self confidence. We accept child care vouchers; and we are based in an idyllic surrounding and give your child high quality loving care. We have 29 years nursery experience and have been working in the Woking / Guildford areas for about the same time.

If you are a working mum or dad based in the Woking / Guildford area and you are looking for a Pre school child care nursery offering a full day care nursery for children. We are in the position to offer you the quality, affordable pre school nursery service you require.

We have received a wealth of positive feedback from numerous parents throughout the Woking / Guildford areas in regards to our Pre school child care nursery and day care nursery for pre school children. Our nursery is open from 8am - 6pm and is suitable for a child of 3 months to 5 years. We give a quality early years education, home cooked meals, special diets are catered for.We offer flexible hours for 2 to 4 years old old funding children .