Little Stars (under 2 Years)

Parents can feel confident to entrust their very youngest child to our care.

We accept babies from 3 months old. We recognise that they are more likely to thrive when there is continuity of routine between home and nursery. After initial liaison with parents, the assigned key worker staff will establish an individual care programme and, as your child progresses, maintain contact with you on matters of sleeping patterns, weaning and development.

We work with you to adapt to the way you care for your baby at home, so that feeding, nappy changes and sleeping all take place at times to suit your baby’s individual routine. Our staff will prepare milk bottles according to your instructions and gradually introduce freshly-prepared, organic foods when your baby is ready.

In order to enhance early development, your child will have access to a wide range of age-appropriate activities and equipment, reinforced by close caring attention and supervision at all times. At the end of every session attended, you will receive informal feedback.

Even when they are only a few months old, babies are beginning to learn about their environment and to develop the basic intellectual, physical and social skills that they will rely on in later life.

We provide a safe and caring environment that is rich in colour, sound, movement and touch for the children to explore and in which they can begin to develop their mobility.

The children enjoy sensory and tactile experiences such as playing with paints and water, exploring a variety of natural objects in a “treasure basket” or simply enjoying a book and a cuddle with one of the carers.

Our day is a structured one with set times for eating, sleeping, activities, and play. We believe that a clear routine is an essential part of providing a safe and secure environment for all the children in our care.

We also believe in the importance of fresh air in the growing process, and ensure that our little ones visit their own soft-surface outside play-deck at least twice a day!

Rising Stars (18 mths – 30 mths)

Children join our Rising Stars when they are walking steadily. Here, as they are increasingly active, we provide a range of experiences in order to continue to help them develop coordination, memory, and social skills. Our Rising Star room is directly connected to our Little Stars Room and we make sure that there are times in every day when the two groups of children get the opportunity to mix and socialise with each other. Examples include music sessions, outdoor play, and birthday celebrations.

From the age of around 18 months, the children’s day becomes a little more structured, with a balance between child-initiated play and adult-led learning. Every activity is a learning opportunity – sorting shapes and sizes introduces early mathematics, enjoying rhymes, singing and music encourages language development and painting, mark making and messy play stimulate creativity.

Mealtimes are a particularly good source of learning. The children are encouraged to sit down together with the preschool children placing an early emphasis on social graces and table manners

Of course, our staff are with the children at all times and will help the children to eat as necessary, but independence is encouraged and celebrated as the children start to take responsibility for themselves

We help the children to develop healthy eating habits by providing delicious fresh meals with a wide variety of vegetables, meat and fish.

We work closely with you to help with toilet training and begin to teach the children to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene by emphasising the importance of hand washing. We help the children to begin the process of self-awareness.

Children have direct access to books and a rotated supply of educational toys and colourful equipment.

Our Rising Stars have their own playground and are encouraged to ride wheeled toys and interact confidently whilst enjoying themselves either in the playhouse, on the slide, or on the rug with the selected activities for outdoor playtime.

As with the Little Stars, our Rising Stars have a set routine for sleeping and eating, with regular nappy changes throughout the day.

Nappy changes are regular throughout the day with additional changes taking place whenever necessary. It is also in our Rising Stars room that children will do their toilet training before they move to their next class. This is not something that automatically starts immediately a child enters the group. It is a matter of waiting until the time is right and this will be discussed between the class teachers and parents.

Shooting Stars (30 mths – 5 yrs)

 The children join our Shooting Stars when they have a basic vocabulary of words and some simple phrases. Now is the time to continue to build on their fine motor skills, socialising, language development, and independence, as well as having a great deal of fun!

 Children will be offered a wide range of activities, including painting, sticking, printing, singing and percussion, mixed with a wide variety of free activities such as dressing up, home corner, book corner, sand and water play, and a vast fleet of cars and engines!

 These activities are carefully structured to give children an enjoyable and fruitful time whilst learning under the educational guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

 Circle Time is an important part of our daily routine once the children join the Shooting Stars. Letter, name, and number recognition are all integral skills that are reinforced during circle time, while the children also learn social skills such as cooperation and taking turns.

 As with our Little Stars and the Rising Stars, our Shooting Stars have a set time for sleeping, after their lunch. The children go to bed on little mattresses, falling asleep to the sound of soft music.

 To continue to build their independence, children learn to take on and off their own shoes and coats as part of their daily routine. They each have their own water bottle which must be named, and the children are regularly encouraged to help themselves to a drink when needed. 

Within the Early Years curriculum, sounds, letters, and numbers are explored gradually, and programmes are carefully planned to keep a balance between energetic and quieter activities. An emphasis is placed on art, craft, music, and the use of a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction. 

There is much time given to self-expression through dressing up, role play and imaginative games and stories for example. We also encourage the children's observation, understanding and interest in their environment. 

Children are encouraged to feel a sense of achievement and to develop their natural curiosity. 

At this time, the children are encouraged to explore and experience a widening range of interests and aspects of their world. This includes developing their understanding of core concepts so that the children gradually build on their current framework of knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. 

Perhaps the best way to describe what happens once the children reach this stage of their development, is the delight and surprise of discovery and 'finding out'. 

At playtime, the children make the exciting move to our playground. Here time is spent making up lots of games in the house, climbing in the climbing frame, and playing with a variety equipment that is provided to encourage all aspects of physical development. 

Meal times continue to be a social time where the staff join them and the children sit down together for snack times, lunch time and tea time. 

At this age, children continue to develop through a balance of play and structured, independent, guided and shared activities. 

At Carol’s Day Nursery, we aim to provide a positive and lively environment where children are able to explore and discover within a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Your child’s key workers will be able to draw upon a wide range of the latest resources and equipment to ensure that individual needs are met. 

Development and assessment records are completed for your child.